A Handbook of Teaching Techniques for College Faculty

Whether you want to keep students engaged and actively learning, improve academic achievement using small group learning, or collect evidence of how well your students are learning so that you can report on learning outcomes to a variety of stakeholders, there is a techniques book for you.

Video Overview of the CTT Series

Why Our Books?

A look at some of the benefits of our teaching handbooks ...

Free Instruction Manuals

When you register with Wiley/Jossey-Bass, you will be able to download free supplementary materials.

Practical Information

Each book also includes a wealth of practical information and guidance to help you be a more effective teacher in today’s varied college classrooms.

Easy To Use

Each book features 35–50 techniques in an easy-to-follow format.

Online or Off

Each technique includes concrete examples in both onsite and online environments.

About the Authors

This series was written by a trio of esteemed college professors, including Elizabeth F. Barkley, K. Patricia Cross and Claire Howell Major.


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