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Solid Tips on Writing 15+ Page Essays

Writing long essays can be a daunting and sometimes stressful affair. Nevertheless, professors in Australia and all over the world are constantly asking students to write essays as long as 15 pages or more. It doesn’t matter if the course content is about history, physics, literature, or marketing, long-form essays will always be a huge part of the academic process.

For those who can’t cope with the pressure of a 15+ page essay, here are some tips for the best essay writing especially in Australia region. The first and foremost tip is to stay focused, everything else will fall into place with the right amount of effort.

Get Rid Of Distractions

For a productive writing process, it’s imperative to get rid of all distractions. Silence phones and turn off notifications. Ask family members or roommates for an uninterrupted time. Listen to instrumental music on headphones to help disconnect from noisy surroundings.
Maximum focus, as portrayed in this image here:

Will give you a head start with your 15+ page essay.

Outlining Is Key

Before starting the paper, create an outline. The format depends on the style of the writer. It can be a classic outline with bullet points or a mind map with connecting bubbles. For a more visual approach, index cards can be organized on the wall with blue tack.

This is what a classic outline looks like:

1. Introduction

    a. Paragraph one – main idea
    b. Paragraph two – transition to main text

2. First discussion point

    a. Paragraph one – discussion point intro
    b. Paragraph two – theory or body of the discussion point
    c. Paragraph three – sources and back-up

3. Second discussion point


X. Conclusion

Use A Checklist

When the outline is ready, use the main discussion points as a checklist. A more productive way of doing this is to create three checklists:

  • The draft
  • The editing process
  • The final draft.

By using a checklist, there is a sense of accomplishment as the writing progresses. Using a checklist will also help keep track of time. Set goals and get them done.

Start Writing But Not Necessarily At The Beginning

When it’s time to start writing, it’s not necessary to start at the very beginning. Start with the section that is most comfortable. Write the discussion points that come easy and will take less time. If that is the introduction, then start with that. It could even be the conclusion.

Take Breaks at The Right Times

Writing without stopping for an hour can be a feat for some. For others, it might be easier to write for two hours non-stop. The best way to know when it’s time to take a break is when a section of the essay is completed. Use the checklist to set goals and use the breaks as prizes. For example, the more writing points get accomplished, the longer the break can be.
This photo will give a visual example of what to do during a break.

Lastly…Edit And Proofread Carefully

Proofreading is indeed one of the best essay writing tips. No matter how amazing the topic is, if the text is full of grammar, spelling and syntax errors, professors will lose attention and be discouraged to keep reading until the end.
Use practical editing tools like Grammarly of Hemingway. Read the paper out loud to notice any syntax errors and tone variations. Don’t be afraid to edit twice, better safe than sorry.

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